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How To Avoid Being Seen As a Spammer

Email marketing is still a top revenue generator, the biggest challenge that will derail your email marketing efforts is for your audience to see you as a spammer.   It is no longer just a faux-pas.  You may be breaking the rules. Nobody likes spam and you definitely don’t want your brand associated with it.  There are best practices out there that you can use to avoid being seen as a spammer and ensure that your message gets delivered, opened and appreciated by your audience.

Here are 5 tips on how to avoid being seen as a spammer:

1) Grow Your Database with Proper Permission

  • Keep the opt-in process simple and easy.
  • Ask for only the most essential information.
  • Make sure to confirm your intent to add a person’s email address to your list. Ask permission and have them verify it.
  • Never add subscribers automatically by pre-checking opt-in boxes

2) Fill Client Needs with Relevant Content

  • Don’t be boring – aim to provide a mix of fun and information.
  • Don’t sell – give the readers tips and resources that will be useful to them.
  • Segment lists to ensure your campaigns’ content and subject lines are personalized. Your audience is individuals with unique buyer personas.

3) Use Graphics Where They Count

  • Too many graphics can skew an email template and make it difficult to see on different devices.
  • Your email template should be consistent with your brand’s style, from the fonts to navigations and design aspects.
  • Keep designs clean, simple and easy to read.

4) Make It Easy to Leave If They Want

  • If a user doesn’t want to be on your email marketing list anymore, don’t make the easiest choice by clicking Spam.
  • Implement a single-click unsubscribe process and take them our of your list immediately.
  • Avoid long and confusing opt-out processes at all costs.

Small changes make a big difference

Keep these tips in mind when putting together email subscription boxes or your next newsletter. These don’t take a ton of effort, but can have a major impact on helping your emails make it to the inbox, not the spam folder.

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