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Social Selling Is Less About Selling and More About Socializing

But it’s the Way Your Buyers Want to be Connected!

Social selling allows your business to use web-based technologies and deliver valuable, actionable insights to prospects and customers. You can help them make positive buying decisions. In order to have a role in that buying decision, you need to follow the buyer journey; and not just as a silent bystander, but as a trusted advisor. Our social media optimization and social selling strategies at WSI E Branding are designed to help you engage with your buyers earlier in the shopping funnel and nurture them throughout the buying cycle.

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Studies show that more than 90% of buyers conduct online research before making a buying decision. Not only that, but close to 70% of the typical buying cycle is completed by a buyer independently, online. What does this mean for your business? It means that your average buyer today is hugely influenced by information available online, and most of this is third-party, unbranded content through social channels.

Connect with Your Buyers Socially to Win Trust and Confidence

WSI E Branding can help you with all of the above, and more. We guide your social strategy to help position your company as a thought leader and industry expert that can be trusted. Think of us as part of your strategic marketing team, available to consult with you at your desk. Why waste time and money crafting high-pressure sales pitches that repel rather than attract buyers? We will work with you to create powerful, valuable social content that builds your reputation and will ultimately, result in more sales.

The power of social selling can dramatically change the way you do business—not just today but for years to come. Book your 1-hour FREE consultation with Rabia Eddari today.

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