More Website Traffic = More Leads = More Sales…Correct?

Now that’s Just Wishful Thinking!

Does building Internet traffic mean more leads, more sales and more profit? It should, but sadly, it doesn’t always. That’s why your Internet marketing partner in Pittsburgh needs to really understand what qualifies as a true lead for your business. At WSI, we build targeted traffic so that every new visitor has the potential to convert into a sale.

More than any other communication vehicle, strategic Internet marketing has the ability to position your site in front of a wide targeted audience and optimize it to capture as many qualified visitors as possible.  The more high quality, targeted leads, the higher the likelihood of a sale.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Effective Lead Generation and Sales

WSI can help you build traffic strategically and market your business to a specific targeted audience.  To increase your online lead generation and sales, we use the latest and most advanced techniques of these online marketing strategies:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing or Paid Search allows you to display your ad to targeted visitors. You can target by geography, time of day, day of the week and other important traffic-generating criteria. The cost is controlled because you only pay when your ad is clicked. The results are instantly visible and completely measurable. 
  • Search Engine Optimization positions your site to rank higher than your competitors—allowing visitors to see you first. Think of it as walking into a Food Court on a hot day—you are looking for something cool and refreshing, so you are drawn towards the juice bar or ice cream shop rather than the steaming pasta station. The vendors are all in the same place, but you want to attract customers based on how quickly and efficiently you can match your offer to their need, at the time they come searching.
  • E-Commerce allows you to promote and securely acquire online orders from customers all over the world. We’ll work with you to increase your market footprint beyond your local geography in the Pittsburgh area. We want your website to draw more leads, close more sales and make more money…24x7x365!
  • Website Conversion Optimization allows you to carefully analyze your target audience and develop tools and actions based on behavior and goals.  We apply the 40/40/20 rule for your site—40% audience targeting, 40% offer and 20% creativity. This tried and true formula produces results every time.

Let’s discuss effective, affordable and measurable ways to generate quality leads, increase sales and grow your business. Book a 1-hour FREE consultation with Rabia Eddari at WSI in Pittsburgh. Call now at 724-687-9059, send an email or get in touch online.